A downloadable mod

In this site I will present a Mod for the Raft game and other information about this game. 


How to Import/Export maps in Raft Game:

Go to Start\%AppData%\LocalLow\Raft\Raft\SavedGames (in folder is all Raft Game saves)


Download all Raft Versions (1.04+):  For new version visit Raft site.






How to download and play Raft Multiplayer:

  1. Download Raft Demp for your Raft version
  2. Extract zip copy files in Raft directory.
  3. Press Raft.exe and make nickname, connect and host server.

How to Hack Raft:

  1. Download Miracle Hack
  2. Copy files from Raft Miracle Hack x32&64 in your Raft directory version
  3. Conrols:
  • Insert - Hack menu.
  • Delete - Spawn Menu.     


Survival Kit for your Raft experience:

Survival_Kit.rgd Download(mirror) (put in Start\%AppData%\LocalLow\Raft\Raft\SavedGames)

More information

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